The colorful world of Hinduism and Buddhism
in the shadow of the peaks of the Himalayas

Learn more about the lives and multifaceted culture of the Nepalese population in the far more original way to know. Stroll through the "open air museums" in the Kathmandu Valley. Visit the historical sites with its temples, gods and pagodas. Take part in seasonal festivals and ceremonies of indigenous people. Enjoy the nature of blooming meadows, forests, to the constantly accompanying panorama of the mighty peaks of the roof of the world. Walk comfortably from settlement to settlement, observe the traditional daily life of Nepalese families in a cozy chat in the kitchen while cooking or seeing the hard work on the terrace fields.

For all the programs we fit to your personal and temporal preference. Basically a licensed guide who is experienced in your favorite area leads you. He informs you in detail about everything worth knowing and requires your special requests.

The ideal time for a cultural tour in Nepal are the winter months (November to March). In the valleys (Kathmandu, Pokhara) it is pleasantly warm during December to February (18-20 C during the daytime). Especially in the terrain of Chitwan, Lumbini. You will miss the great heat. Spring begins at around mid-February. The weather is quite dry and it usually provides a wonderfully clear view of the sunny ice giant.