Nepal - the Mountains and Gods
of the Himalayas

With more than 25 years experience, we guarantee a perfect  tour and trek into the  Himalayas


From the subtropical jungle to the magnificent Himalayas as high as 8,000 m a breathtaking landscape and culture are waiting for you. Learn more about the lives and multifaceted culture of the Nepalese population in the far more original way. Enjoy the nature of blooming meadows, forests, and panoramic summit of the world. . Walk comfortably from settlement to settlement, feel the traditional daily life of Nepalese families in a pleasant chat in their kitchen or observe the conventional farming methods of the hardworking Nepalese community on their terrace fields. If you wish to penetrate into Nepal or even venture a summit as a highlight of your adventure travel aspiration, we are committed to serve you better. Our tour packages are organized in a manner which ensures that your trip will not be stressful, but an unforgettable experience while using standard tour practices such as having an acclimatization period as part of requirements.

Private trips / tours up from 2 people
into almost all areas of Nepal

Lodge Trekking into Annapurna, Langtang, Khumbu and Manaslu area

Partly also for single trekker!

Camping Trekking in all areas of Nepal


We specialize in exclusive individual/group-tours and trek. Also we are ready to cater your travel needs in a flexible way, too.


We understand how important your personal values and interests are. We love to afford you a private proximity to the beauties of Nepalese culture and landscape.


Travel individually and you will miss the stress

Stupa im Khumbu
Elefanten Chitwan
Kathmandu - Schutzgott